Food and

De-jargonized. De-risked. Redefining what disruptive innovation


Let's democratize good food for all people.

There is a global absence of effective translators.

Those who can translate ideas to execution within the technology, innovation, and sustainability sectors. 

Those who connect governments, blue chip companies, and the most forward-thinking start-ups.

Those who want to make an impact.

“People tell me I’m an entrepreneur. I’m not. I’m just profoundly irritated by the status quo. So much so that I simply can’t ignore it and have to change the way the world approaches the creation of food.”
Adam Melonas, Founder + CEO CHEW

This irritation is needed more than ever in the race to solve the world's food crisis.

From malnutrition to obesity, food tech to supply chain challenges, there is a simple need to make all food delicious, nutritious, sustainable, and accessible.

Chew addresses these issues and offers tried and tested processes and methodologies to redefine the future of food and food systems.


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