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Chew [ Food Innovation ]

Chew creates
 food products and strategies to democratize good food for all people.

Chew [ Food Innovation ]

Chew creates
innovative food products to democratize good food for all people.
What if “good for you” IS synonymous with great taste? We’re in the business of delicious.
Amazing taste translates into sustainability. The food and beverage system is faltering after years of investing in the taste of over-processed cheap thrills. Today’s consumers adopt a new product into their lives because they feel great about the overall impact the choices they are making for both their bodies and our planet.
We're in the business of delicious – we meet consumers where they are, with intelligent, alluring real food options.
What if “good for you” is always the right choice? Junk is junk. Food is food.
Natural ingredients and as little processing as possible: Sounds simple right? With this approach of “everything old is new again” we are helping to bring about a real food renaissance. For the last decade, the industry as a whole have considered “consumers reading labels” as a trend. Pandora’s box has been opened and now consumers are demanding options they can feel great about feeding themselves and their families. – Why? It's obvious to us, People want real food. No sacrifices, no trade-offs, no fine print, just real crave-able food.
Our mission is to reinvent the food system, and co-create a world where delicious and nutritious are no longer mutually exclusive choices.
What if “good for you” and “good for the planet” were unquestionably the same thing?
Surprise – it is. Both our bodies and the global food system depend on sustainable food sources. Consumer brands looking for long-term success must take responsibility for sustainability and social initiatives. Rapid progress towards sustainability goals advantages those that embrace it as an imperative.
Profit margins for food products are shrinking – rapidly.
Consumers and brands alike are shifting to e-commerce and direct-to-consumer channels. For CPGs to stay competitive, we’ve got to revolutionize their revenue growth management. This is what we do at Chew: offer mutual success to our partners and consumers. We’re out to create exponential value for our partners and the world.
Farm to table, sure – but why not farm (or indigenous run cooperative) to cereal aisle?
Our partners’ success is tied to a mission: make the consumers' lives better. This is what we do at Chew: All people must have access to good food, so let’s give it to them. We create craveable items beyond the boutique market. We source sustainable products both locally and globally. We’re out to democratize good food for ALL people. Period.

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