Chew Bites: Course 21

It’s that time again for our weekly roundup of the stories that made us think, wonder, and debate around the table. Here are the top articles from last week on everything from animal-free milk to your food policy guide for the election.

The Startup Trying to Give Millions of People Access to Organic Food on Inc: Get familiar with Thrive Market – the online marketplace that’s selling nutritious, affordable food to anyone around the country.

Don’t have a cow? Perfect Day animal-free milk bids for slice of multibillion-dollar global dairy market on Food Navigator: The headline says it all – animal-free milk is now a thing.

GMOs Are Complicated, And Our Food System Is Not Designed To Handle Complicated. That’s A Problem. on Think Progress: This was a great piece about the complexity of the GMO debate and how it extends to a larger conversation about our food system.

Here are 5 Student Startups Spicing up Food Tech in Boston on BostInno: A handful of student-led startups are venturing into the food tech space tackling everything from a robotic kitchen to a social network focused on sustainability.

Your Food Policy Guide to the 2016 Election from Lucky Peach: Here’s an overview on where the presidential candidates stand on sustainable agriculture, food security, and minimum wage.

This Milk-Based Edible Packaging Could Help Save the Earth – And Your Cereal on Huffington Post: Researchers are developing a biodegradable, edible packaging product made from milk proteins.

Elon Musk’s Brother to Launch an Urban Farming Accelerator in Brooklyn on Inc: Kimbal Musk is launching an urban farming accelerator that has plans to incubate 10 new food businesses in its first year.

How Do You Know Your Lab-Grown Burger Is Safe To Eat? on Technology Review: Startups are focusing more on lab-made food and growing meat and dairy products without any animals. But who’s regulating it?

Alternative Proteins: No Whey! on Chewing Noises: Check out our latest blog exploring alternative proteins from crickets to algae.

And now you’re caught up. Let us know what’s making you tick in the comments or through Twitter!