Chew Bites: Course 20

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed…

Why This Food Bank is Turning Away Junk Food on Civil Eats: The largest food bank in DC will no longer accept candy, sodas or other junk. The CEO explains, “We have a moral obligation that it be good food that’s not aggravating their (health) problems.”

For $55, This Little Box Promises to Revolutionize Your Lunch on Food52: Meet the $55 lunchbox that streamlines meal planning, shopping & social networking.

Portland’s First Food Hub Brings The Farm To A Bigger Table on Fast Co.Exist: Portland’s Redd is a central warehouse where farmers, ranchers, and other producers can store products until they’re ready to be distributed.

Raymond Blanc Wants Food to be Classless on Munchies: Chef Raymond Blanc on the evolution of the British’s attitude towards food and whether food can ever become classless.

Why Reinventing Hospital Food Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds on Munchies: This is a great piece untangling why it’s so tough to reinvent hospital food.

Why Are All These Haters Piling on Granola? on Outside Magazine: Here’s why granola is one of the most polarizing foods, at least among the endurance athletes crowd.

Artisanal Food Waste: Can You Turn Scraps Into Premium Products? on NPR: There’s a new crop of startups using salvaged foods as the main ingredients in artisanal food products.

How Machine Learning Will Change What You Eat on Fast Company: Smart technology could boost farms’ efficiency and even make food taste better. At a cost…

The Problems With Food & Exercise Studies on The New York Times: “What is needed at this point is a little more humility among researchers in interpreting and reporting the implications of their own evidence.”

Foraging Across New England on Chewing Noises: Check out our latest blog about how to forage in the city and what you might find.

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