Chew Bites: Course 17

It’s that time again for our weekly roundup of the stories that made us think, wonder, and debate around the kitchen table. Here are the top articles of late on everything from a pay-it-forward pizza shop to food politics.

Boston Startup Lighter Wants to Change How the World Eats on BostInno: Check out this profile on Lighter, a startup that’s helping people manage their (vegan) meal planning, prep and general nutrition.

How Pizza Is Fighting Hunger in a San Francisco Food Desert on Munchies: This pay-it-forward pizza shop is fighting hunger through a simple model: “Every pre-purchased slice is represented by a Post-it note that gets placed on a wall of the shop, then redeemed by someone who needs it.”

15 Oh-So-Sweet Examples of Chocolate Packaging Designs on HubSpot: We’re a sucker for beautiful design and this is some of the best product packaging we’ve come across lately.

We Redesigned Food Labels to Serve Up Real Value on Wired: Imagine a food label that packs details on nutritional value, freshness, sustainability, ethics, allergens, and a whole lot more.

What’s It Like to Be a Food Writer Right Now? on Grub Street: Here’s an interesting conversation with editors from Food 52 and Saveur about the state of food media. One takeaway: “There’s a deep lack of diversity in food media in general.”

Why Failure Is The Key To Workplace Culture Success on Forbes: Our favorite is lesson #3 that encourages “fast failure.”

When Will Food Issues Be on Politicians’ Plates? on New York Times: One explanation for the lack of food issues across political platforms – “the ubiquity of food is both a strength and weakness.” It raises questions about hunger, immigration, animal welfare, labor, environment, farming, health, and so on.

Turn Nutrition Labels Into Data Visualizations You Can Actually Use To Make Better Food Decisions on Fast Co.Exist: Each food product on this startup’s platform has a profile with visualizations depicting the nutritionals and animations that demonstrate how much exercise it would take to burn off its calories.

The Millennials Behind Dessert Disruptor Start-Up Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt on Forbes: We loved this profile on Yasso, a Boston food startup whose frozen Greek yogurt bars are sold in 15,000 stores worldwide.

This Restaurant Chain Is Going to Adjust Its Prices Based on Customers’ Income on First We Feast: Meet Everytable – a healthy fast-food chain that will have different menu prices based on the median income of the neighborhood.

And now you’re caught up. Let us know what’s making you tick in the comments or through Twitter!