Chew Bites: Course 16

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed…

Taking A Bite Out Of The Food Industry: Startups Change The Game on Forbes: A look at the food startup industry and how the ones finding success tread the line between innovation and tradition.

Danny Meyer Says To Find A Hot Neighborhood, Follow The Coffee on Food Republic: If you’re ever curious about what neighborhood will be buzzing next, look for the trendiest coffee shops.

Researchers have finally discovered the key to naturally stripping sugar from all our foods on QZ: We were hooked with the opening line alone – “The global sugar-industrial complex is about to face a serious challenge—from a mushroom.”

The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) and Brooklyn-based Labour on how to design for taste and smell on The Architects Newspaper: Peek inside an exhibit at MOFAD that explores how flavorists simulate natural tastes and smells to design our palate’s experience.

A New Incubator Program Is Launching to Help Find the Next Great Food Company on Grub Street: Chobani launches no-strings-attached food incubator program.

An Old Trick Holds New Promise For Tastier Tomatoes on NPR: Can grafting bring fresher tomatoes to the masses?

Nut Job on Tasting Table: Check this one out to learn how you turn cashews into vegan ricotta ‘cheese.’

When Community-Supported Agriculture Is Not What It Seems on New York Times: Great article breaking down what the CSA was originally designed to be and what it can look like now.

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