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Chew Bites: Course 21

Posted on: August 29th, 2016 by chewingnoises

It’s that time again for our weekly roundup of the stories that made us think, wonder, and debate around the table. Here are the top articles from last week on everything from animal-free milk to your food policy guide for the election.

The Startup Trying to Give Millions of People Access to Organic Food on Inc: Get familiar with Thrive Market – the online marketplace that’s selling nutritious, affordable food to anyone around the country.

Don’t have a cow? Perfect Day animal-free milk bids for slice of multibillion-dollar global dairy market on Food Navigator: The headline says it all – animal-free milk is now a thing.

GMOs Are Complicated, And Our Food System Is Not Designed To Handle Complicated. That’s A Problem. on Think Progress: This was a great piece about the complexity of the GMO debate and how it extends to a larger conversation about our food system.

Here are 5 Student Startups Spicing up Food Tech in Boston on BostInno: A handful of student-led startups are venturing into the food tech space tackling everything from a robotic kitchen to a social network focused on sustainability.

Your Food Policy Guide to the 2016 Election from Lucky Peach: Here’s an overview on where the presidential candidates stand on sustainable agriculture, food security, and minimum wage.

This Milk-Based Edible Packaging Could Help Save the Earth – And Your Cereal on Huffington Post: Researchers are developing a biodegradable, edible packaging product made from milk proteins.

Elon Musk’s Brother to Launch an Urban Farming Accelerator in Brooklyn on Inc: Kimbal Musk is launching an urban farming accelerator that has plans to incubate 10 new food businesses in its first year.

How Do You Know Your Lab-Grown Burger Is Safe To Eat? on Technology Review: Startups are focusing more on lab-made food and growing meat and dairy products without any animals. But who’s regulating it?

Alternative Proteins: No Whey! on Chewing Noises: Check out our latest blog exploring alternative proteins from crickets to algae.

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Chew Bites: Course 20

Posted on: August 22nd, 2016 by chewingnoises

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed…

Why This Food Bank is Turning Away Junk Food on Civil Eats: The largest food bank in DC will no longer accept candy, sodas or other junk. The CEO explains, “We have a moral obligation that it be good food that’s not aggravating their (health) problems.”

For $55, This Little Box Promises to Revolutionize Your Lunch on Food52: Meet the $55 lunchbox that streamlines meal planning, shopping & social networking.

Portland’s First Food Hub Brings The Farm To A Bigger Table on Fast Co.Exist: Portland’s Redd is a central warehouse where farmers, ranchers, and other producers can store products until they’re ready to be distributed.

Raymond Blanc Wants Food to be Classless on Munchies: Chef Raymond Blanc on the evolution of the British’s attitude towards food and whether food can ever become classless.

Why Reinventing Hospital Food Isn’t as Easy as It Sounds on Munchies: This is a great piece untangling why it’s so tough to reinvent hospital food.

Why Are All These Haters Piling on Granola? on Outside Magazine: Here’s why granola is one of the most polarizing foods, at least among the endurance athletes crowd.

Artisanal Food Waste: Can You Turn Scraps Into Premium Products? on NPR: There’s a new crop of startups using salvaged foods as the main ingredients in artisanal food products.

How Machine Learning Will Change What You Eat on Fast Company: Smart technology could boost farms’ efficiency and even make food taste better. At a cost…

The Problems With Food & Exercise Studies on The New York Times: “What is needed at this point is a little more humility among researchers in interpreting and reporting the implications of their own evidence.”

Foraging Across New England on Chewing Noises: Check out our latest blog about how to forage in the city and what you might find.

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Chew Bites: Course 19

Posted on: August 15th, 2016 by chewingnoises

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed…

How the microbiome will lead a revolution in the consumerization of personalized medicine and diet on Tech Crunch: The latest understanding of the human microbome indicates it has the potential to change how we diagnose and treat major diseases. So, how will companies respond to this?

Dinner, Disrupted on The New York Times: We loved this piece on the impact of San Francisco’s tech boom on its restaurant culture.

The Term Small Batch is Everywhere, But What Does it Really Mean? on Food52: An honest look at what words like “artisanal” and “small batch” even mean.

This Startup Turns CO2 Into A Sustainable Replacement For Palm Oil on Fast Co.Exist: A new biotech startup is using a synthetic palm oil, made from carbon dioxide.

The New Combo Meal: Real Estate Bets On Restaurants To Create Community on Food Republic: Here’s why developers look to chefs to set the pace for a new neighborhood.

How did Denmark become a leader in the food waste revolution? on The Guardian: Denmark continues to lead the way in food waste solutions through its community food banks, food waste kitchens, and supermarkets.

Farming on the moon and meat grown in a lab. Six thoughts on the future of food. on The Washington Post: Kimbal Musk shares his view on the future of food. Here’s a teaser: “No one wins in the industrial food system.”

Baking to Sobriety on Lucky Peach: One of Denver’s best bakers shares his story from jail time to sobriety.

High-End Dining: Are Marijuana Meals The Next Big Foodie Trend? on Fast Company: High end restaurants are thinking way beyond the herbal brownies…

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Chew Bites: Course 18

Posted on: August 8th, 2016 by chewingnoises

We’re back in action with another round of Chew Bites – a weekly roundup of our favorite stories in the worlds of food, nutrition, sustainability, and innovation. Here’s what’s catching our eye…

So what exactly is the benefit of urban agriculture? on KUNC: There’s no doubt urban agriculture is trendy these days, but a new study shows its benefits are more socioeconomic than food-related.

Why the Laws Policing Menu Fraud Don’t Really Work on Eater: Interesting article about who enforces the truth in menu laws and why it doesn’t quite work.

How community gardens are fighting for food justice in the Rockaways on Civil Eats: NYC community gardens are showing kids that healthy food is a right, not just a privilege.

Could Labels Indicate That GMOs Are a Good Thing? on Slate: Soylent is taking the unique approach of advertising its GMOs proudly. Thoughts?

When Food Firms Cut The Salt, What Do They Put In Instead? on NPR: As food manufacturers come under fire for high sodium content, they need something to replace the salt for flavor and function. How does potassium chloride hold up?

The Epic Fight Over How To Label “Natural” Foods on Fast Company: The FDA is changing its definition of “healthy” and trying to figure out a definition for “natural foods.” It’s even more complicated than it sounds the further you dig in.

Europe Does Something Amazing With Food That Has Nothing To Do With Eating on The Huffington Post: There’s a wave of new European laws that make it easier for farms and supermarkets to donate unsold food; encourage citizens to take leftovers home; and reward businesses that reduce waste.

Do You Want to Eat with Strangers? This Company Depends on It on Forbes: Meet Feastly – the online marketplace that allows chefs to offer dinners, pop-ups, supper clubs and more.

The Curious Appeal of ‘Bad’ Food on The Atlantic: Why is “marginal cooking” such an important part of food culture?

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Chew Bites: Course 17

Posted on: August 1st, 2016 by chewingnoises

It’s that time again for our weekly roundup of the stories that made us think, wonder, and debate around the kitchen table. Here are the top articles of late on everything from a pay-it-forward pizza shop to food politics.

Boston Startup Lighter Wants to Change How the World Eats on BostInno: Check out this profile on Lighter, a startup that’s helping people manage their (vegan) meal planning, prep and general nutrition.

How Pizza Is Fighting Hunger in a San Francisco Food Desert on Munchies: This pay-it-forward pizza shop is fighting hunger through a simple model: “Every pre-purchased slice is represented by a Post-it note that gets placed on a wall of the shop, then redeemed by someone who needs it.”

15 Oh-So-Sweet Examples of Chocolate Packaging Designs on HubSpot: We’re a sucker for beautiful design and this is some of the best product packaging we’ve come across lately.

We Redesigned Food Labels to Serve Up Real Value on Wired: Imagine a food label that packs details on nutritional value, freshness, sustainability, ethics, allergens, and a whole lot more.

What’s It Like to Be a Food Writer Right Now? on Grub Street: Here’s an interesting conversation with editors from Food 52 and Saveur about the state of food media. One takeaway: “There’s a deep lack of diversity in food media in general.”

Why Failure Is The Key To Workplace Culture Success on Forbes: Our favorite is lesson #3 that encourages “fast failure.”

When Will Food Issues Be on Politicians’ Plates? on New York Times: One explanation for the lack of food issues across political platforms – “the ubiquity of food is both a strength and weakness.” It raises questions about hunger, immigration, animal welfare, labor, environment, farming, health, and so on.

Turn Nutrition Labels Into Data Visualizations You Can Actually Use To Make Better Food Decisions on Fast Co.Exist: Each food product on this startup’s platform has a profile with visualizations depicting the nutritionals and animations that demonstrate how much exercise it would take to burn off its calories.

The Millennials Behind Dessert Disruptor Start-Up Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt on Forbes: We loved this profile on Yasso, a Boston food startup whose frozen Greek yogurt bars are sold in 15,000 stores worldwide.

This Restaurant Chain Is Going to Adjust Its Prices Based on Customers’ Income on First We Feast: Meet Everytable – a healthy fast-food chain that will have different menu prices based on the median income of the neighborhood.

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Chew Bites: Course 16

Posted on: July 25th, 2016 by chewingnoises

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed…

Taking A Bite Out Of The Food Industry: Startups Change The Game on Forbes: A look at the food startup industry and how the ones finding success tread the line between innovation and tradition.

Danny Meyer Says To Find A Hot Neighborhood, Follow The Coffee on Food Republic: If you’re ever curious about what neighborhood will be buzzing next, look for the trendiest coffee shops.

Researchers have finally discovered the key to naturally stripping sugar from all our foods on QZ: We were hooked with the opening line alone – “The global sugar-industrial complex is about to face a serious challenge—from a mushroom.”

The Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) and Brooklyn-based Labour on how to design for taste and smell on The Architects Newspaper: Peek inside an exhibit at MOFAD that explores how flavorists simulate natural tastes and smells to design our palate’s experience.

A New Incubator Program Is Launching to Help Find the Next Great Food Company on Grub Street: Chobani launches no-strings-attached food incubator program.

An Old Trick Holds New Promise For Tastier Tomatoes on NPR: Can grafting bring fresher tomatoes to the masses?

Nut Job on Tasting Table: Check this one out to learn how you turn cashews into vegan ricotta ‘cheese.’

When Community-Supported Agriculture Is Not What It Seems on New York Times: Great article breaking down what the CSA was originally designed to be and what it can look like now.

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Chew Bites: Course 15

Posted on: July 19th, 2016 by chewingnoises

It’s that time again for our weekly digest of stories that made the rounds at our kitchen table. Here are the top recent articles on everything from mushrooms to artificial intelligence.

Food Computer: How Caleb Harper Inspires Us to Be Future Farmers on ABC: Meet the MIT research scientist who created food systems that allow anyone, anywhere to be a farmer.

Supermarket Chefs In Season: How Kroger, Hy-Vee Are Improving Sales on Forbes: A number of supermarkets are hiring or training chefs to enhance the customer experience and revenue.

What Patagonia Gets Wrong About Sustainable Food on Slate: A critical look at the latest Patagonia document that highlights sustainability but ignores some obvious solutions GMOs could provide.

You’re Probably Throwing Away ‘Expired’ Food That’s Totally Fine To Eat on Huffington Post: “In the U.S., date labels are generally terrible at telling people when their food will become unsafe to consume.”

Is Sushi ‘Healthy’? What About Granola? Where Americans & Nutritionists Disagree on New York Times: Check out this great chart mapping the disconnect between what Americans and nutrition experts consider healthy.

Surprising New Uses for Mushrooms, From Houses to Packaging on National Geographic: Mushrooms give a whole new definition to the “superfood.”

Artificial Intelligence Meets Nutrition on The Food Rush: What happens when you bring AI to nutrition? Meet these apps: on @thefoodrush

Can Tech Money Help Real Food Scale Up? on Civil Eats: What would it take for sustainable food investment to be as popular as investing in apps or drones?

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Chew Bites: Course 14

Posted on: July 8th, 2016 by chewingnoises

It’s that time again for our weekly roundup of the stories that made us think, wonder, and debate around the kitchen table. Here are the top articles of late on everything from gut bacteria to what “health food” really means.

McDonaldization & the Future of Fast Food on Lucky Peach: Fast food isn’t just McDonald’s anymore and it’s not going anywhere because the model works. So, where are the challenges?

Won’t You Be My Neighborhood Restaurant? on Tasting Table: A look inside what makes the great neighborhood restaurant truly great.

Why everyone’s suddenly talking about gut bacteria on Fortune: Why scientific (and public) interested in gut bacteria exploded.

Why World Hunger Is Going to Fall to Its Lowest Levels Ever This Decade on Gizmodo: “By 2026, there’s going to be a lot less hunger worldwide—and that’s something to celebrate. The reason is not that we’re growing more food, however. Food is just getting cheaper.”

The Food-Sharing Economy Is Delicious And Illegal—Will It Survive? on Fast Company: We found this one fascinating about the legality of food sharing through the lens of Josephine – a home-cooking food startup under fire.

We Need to Use the Word “Healthy” More Carefully on Food 52: Great piece about throwing healthy around like the “calorie-free sweetener of the adjective world.”

Reality Bites on Tasting Table: Another interesting article about Americans not understanding what constitutes “health food.” Granted, who does?

This New App is the ‘Waze for Restaurant Wait Times’ on BostInno: This new local app gives you restaurant reviews, menus and – the differentiator – current wait times.

And now you’re caught up. Let us know what’s making you tick in the comments or through Twitter!

Food As A Religion

Posted on: June 24th, 2016 by chewingnoises

A few weeks ago Chew’s Founder and CEO, Adam Melonas, took the stage at TEDxCambridge. We’ll get to the show in a bit, but first let’s rewind to a cold day this past winter when the idea got its legs. We all recognize TED talks as the “ideas worth spreading,” short, inspirational, and educational talks from leaders across the world. So when the TEDxCambridge organizers approached Adam with the opportunity to take the stage and share whatever it was that lit him up – that thing that would leave a lasting mark on the audience – the options were endless.

Adam could talk about building a culture of innovation, the marriage of food science and culinary, perfectionism – you name it. But a fire really sparked in his eyes when he recounted the time he took his son to the playground and witnessed food shaming at its worst. This led to a larger discussion about the distinction between junk food and health food and ultimately, food as a religion.

Enjoy watching the full video from Adam’s talk at TEDxCambridge, and we added a few highlights below.

– Food has become the latest socially acceptable “Extremist religion” practiced in wealthy neighborhoods all over the country. We have Jihad being declared in every unassuming playground and playdate in America.

– What if our definition and understanding of “Healthy” is just screwed up?

– Let’s revert to some ancient wisdom that has kept us alive for millions of years – if it feels good eat more of it, if it makes you feel bad stop eating it.

– Let’s see through the labels, certifications and causes and start to see all food as just that, food.

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Chew Bites: Course 13

Posted on: June 20th, 2016 by chewingnoises

Welcome back to your weekly serving of Chew Bites – our favorite stories from last week in the world of food, innovation, and sustainability. Here’s what you missed…

This Is the GMO Peanut That Could Rid the World of Nut Allergies on Munchies: Scientists believe they can create an allergy-free peanut using GMOs. Do you think people will eat it?

5 Ways to Profit From the Exciting Future of Food on Fortune: Fortune profiles five companies turning a profit from food, including a shout out to Boston-based Freight Farms.

Can An App Help Us Move Beyond Food Porn? on Huffington Post: One startup is aiming to create a world where “good food is the default and the easier choice.”

What Are Plant-Based Protein Burgers? on Food Republic: A dive into what’s actually in plant-based burgers and just how adventurous consumers are willing to be.

Coffee, for your health on The Atlantic: New guidelines from the World Health Organization say drinking coffee may prevent cancer.

New Food Labeling Laws Could Stop Us Throwing Away Perfectly Good Eats on Fast Co.Exist: New legislation aims to make expiration dates much easier to understand and eliminate food waste by 40%.

Why I’m Ditching Locally Sourced British Ingredients on Munchies: This chef has a surprising reason behind why he doesn’t source local ingredients.

The Protein Flip: Reimagining Protein With Menus of Change on The Daily Meal: The Culinary Institute of America and Harvard released a guide for chefs and food service professionals on using animal and plant-based proteins in different ways.

The Periodic Table of Food Tech on CB Insights: Go wild browsing these 100+ startups changing the way we eat and drink.

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