Looking for more than just a “job”?

Have you ever felt that great sense of irritation with how things are being done, and thought to yourself “if I don’t fix this, no one else ever will”?

You know, the kind of person that leads with their gut, then goes for it when it feels right. Those that push, fail, learn, then repeat. Over and over again. This is in our DNA. Is it in yours too? Then read on:

Product Developer

We are looking for a unique balance of creative and practical - someone self-motivated and driven, but also team-oriented and obsessed with the details. 

You must have a deep knowledge of the consumer packaged goods industry, a culinary or science degree is must.

This requires a comprehensive understanding of what is possible in the manufacturing and ingredient world. We expect that you have a strong desire to innovate and stay current on trends and advancements within the industry, so that you can innovative novel ideas and new techniques.

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